Friday, September 11, 2009

Day 28: Thankful

The Trophy Wife is thankful tonight. Her cup is full. She has a wonderful husband, beautiful children, loving family, and friends that make her laugh.

Tamara made a beautiful cake for me for my birthday, from scratch. It tasted so wonderful that two days after my birthday, not a crumb remains. But even better than the taste, was the love with which it was made. It gave The Trophy Wife a tear, and The Trophy Wife is NOT a crier. So this blog is for Tamara. Thank you for my cake, and thank you for your friendship. Nothing could be sweeter.


  1. I will tell you that I read this post out loud to the ladies at about 1 AM today... and there were definitely some tears from T's direction. She isn't going to post to defend herself, so I might as well tell you she started sobbing and gasping and saying, "What have I ever done to deserve a BFF like the trophy wife?"

  2. ...and at about 1:30am we all looked around and said "why is this party so dull?" Why, because the trophy wife left!

    and I must say, nuthin says luvin like some noodles in the bathtub!

  3. Oh my goodness! I just made a cake that looked exactly like that and it was so well recieved even though my face was red. Love love love your blog!

  4. Okay, Trophy wife.......Read all your postings after seeing the article in today's Ventura County Star. Keep them coming. They make me aspire to more........As a non trophy-wife, who is currently feeling that if she makes sure the cereal box is in the cupboard ready to be poured, she has done her job -- I can't decide between 'woefully inadequate' or 'motivated.' Regardless, the postings are a kick -- lots of fun. Please, oh please.....Keep writing.